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New Vistas: Cripping Nature Connection

Traditional scripts for nature-connection work do not work for disabled artists and so, through this project we began to interrogate and re-imagine nature immersion work for diverse minds and bodies.

In 2022 SheWolf was awarded a British Council and Unlimited micro commission  to work internationally in Colombia. We partnered with we work with visually impaired psychologist and musician Javier Hernando Peralta Gonzalez (Colombia) and Anthar Kharana (Colombia) musician and traditional healer

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Gina Biggs

Artistic Director and Performer

Image 13-04-2021 at 14.38.jpeg

Javier Peralta

Psychologist and musician


Anthar Kharana

Musician and Traditional Healer


Alan Jones

Ex Royal Marine

Supported by:
Lydia Bassett - Support Worker
Sophia Mouthon - Translator

Research and Development: Projects
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