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Bringing landscape alive through performance

Powerful. Intimate. Raw. Provocative.

Doing the work of (re)connection by nurturing human relations with a more-than-human world



SheWolf is a disabled-led performance company based in Penarth (Wales) committed to exploring the interconnections between body, voice and landscape. This is site-responsive work that deeply inhabits and enlivens the hidden stories of landscape to re-awaken them in the imagination of the public. 





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SheWolf awarded a Create grant from Arts Council Wales

No Place Like (Flat) Holm has been awarded funding to take the project to full production. Taking residency on Flat Holm island across one year, enduring the turn of the seasons, this work will result in four seasonally filmed works shared by National Dance Company Wales through their Weave/Plethu film series, a longer screendance work distributed to film festivals, and a digital installation planned for Festival of Voice 2022. 

The project emerges as a result of the Arts Council England Develop Your Creative Practice award that was granted to SheWolf in 2019 which supported a transition of practice that centred on creating a better ecology of care for Gina as an artist managing a chronic pain condition.



Penarth, Wales

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